Maggi Chili Souce (500g)


Maggi Chili Souce (500g)

Category: Chili

Brand: Maggi

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Weight: 500g

Product Information

The Way to Spicy Perfection with MAGGI CHILLI SAUCE

Made with goodness of fresh local chilies. Perfect for dipping of cooking. A dash of this sauce will turn your dishes into a tasty and flavorsome meal. Made with fresh chillies from the local farm


Made with fresh chillies from the local farm


Product Ingredient
  • Sugar/Brown Sugar, Chilli [Fresh Chilli (5%), Chilli Paste, Dried Chilli], Vinegar, Salt, Tomato Paste.
  • Contains Thickener And Acidity Regulator As Permitted Food Conditioner.
  • Contains Permitted Flavouring.
  • All additves are of plant or syntethic origin.

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